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Who is Ms. Broadway Therapy?

Introverted author, Ms. Broadway Therapy, engages with her readers through personal stories, paintings, and poetry (including interactive poetry via YouTube silent films on YouTube) in the book, Faceless Closure: Healing Begins from Within.
Check out this interactive read and learn more about the author at

What is Faceless Closure?

Faceless Closure is an introspective practice to find peace from within.

The Faceless Closure Project:

After working in social services and witnessing the positive impact of therapeutic empowerment services among diverse populations, Ms. Broadway decided to launch the Faceless Closure Project in 2013.

This project is an arts-based initiative to raise the awareness about the impact of self-reflection, Christian practices, and therapeutic arts, in the hope of empowering others to utilize this form of therapy in their everyday lives. The Faceless Closure Project consisted of spoken word performances by Ms. Broadway at Bus Boys & Poets in the metro Washington, D.C. area; and monthly promotions on internal wellness via social media and blogs, paintings, and poetry.

Ms. Broadway moved to Tokyo, Japan in 2017, working among the military community, and actively commits her time to support holistic wellness causes.

Check out this interactive read, Faceless Closure: Healing Begins from Within, by Ms. Broadway Therapy at

Mental Health Fact:

Studies have shown that, “suppressing negative emotions such as disgust or sadness, increases in sympathetic activation of the cardiovascular system. Psycho-physiological and psycho-social pathways by which the acute effects of emotion suppression might translate into longer threats to cardiovascular health” (

In other words, stress and emotional suppression has the probability of causes heart attacks and other health conditions.  This mental health fact is one of many statistics that drives Ms. Broadway work in holistic wellness.

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