November 8, 2013

Journal Entry: My personal journey through heartbreak. #Emotional Accomplice

Reaching the other side of heartbreak can seem impossible at times. But there is a secret to help us bail our heart out of emotional prison…the cost of intentional change. Intentional change is a self-declaration to moving forward by embracing what happen, what you loss, and what you learned from this experience.
#Overcoming the battle of heartbreak

December 31, 2013

Journal Entry: The day I flat-lined on my dreams…#Revive


I’ve heard the saying, “always pursue your dreams”…but no one ever advised me how to pursue my dreams despite my circumstances. The answer became clear when I realized that my dreams are no just dreams, but it is a passion. My passion will fuel my pursuit of fulfilling my dreams, despite my circumstances.

April 2015

Journal Entry: A poem about the Bittersweets of Life 


November 8, 2015

Journal Entry: A poem about stepping out!

#Don’t Hide Her


January 2016

Journal Entry: A poem about reaching my limit in all areas of my life and embracing transition as the only option.


“I’ve reached my cap in a city that no longer supports the drive I have inside. (Capacity)”

What are the caps in your city?

April 2016

Journal Entry: Refraining from deep depression. (Blog & Poem)

#I Can’t Get Caught Up

Caught Up_April 2016

June 2016

Journal Entry: A poem about challenge of being under employed.

Calming Chaos



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