Journal Entry: November 24, 2013

More times than I would like to count, I have fell victim of being an emotional accomplice.

I have gone against my better judgment to do what I knew was best for myself while being in a vulnerable state. In those moments I compromised my values, did things that were contradictory to my beliefs, and engaged in emotional accomplice behavior.

I allowed my real feelings and real situations to dictate how I engaged in relationships.  Often times, when I was overwhelmed with life or a situation, I looked to someone or something to relieve me from my reality, and let my emotions guide me. In some cases, my emotions led me to healthy ways of handling my stress, such as talking to friend.  However, there were times when my emotions pushed me down a path that is not conducive to what I actually need.

Sometimes, I had to pause and take a minute to process my disappointments instead of acting like my feelings didn’t exist.   I’ve learned to confront my issues instead of finding busy work to stay distracted.  Avoidance always caught up with me.

In found inner peace by examining my counterproductive patterns, and applying this goal:

Practice being self-aware and emotionally accountable for myself on a daily basis.

Yes! Granted, this is hard to do! Being emotional accountable in all situations and disappointments in life is not realistic!  However, here are some ways I got the ball rollin’ in being emotionally accountable from time to time.

Emotional Accountability Tips:

  • Surround myself with people who have my best interest at heart (typically, these type of people tell me the truth about myself, especially when I do not want to hear it).
  • Resist denial and deal with whatever I am running from head on.  The faster I face my obstacles, the sooner I can start the process, and the quicker I can get the hard part over with.
  • Re-access the situation I am in and determine my role as an emotional accomplice (daily self-reflection). Acknowledgement is POWER!
  • Be honest with God and myself, so that it is easier to be honest with others.
  • Do not give another person more power over my emotional well-being than I give myself.
  • Do not frequently attend personal pity-parties. Accept and move forward!
  • Find a constructive outlet that makes me happy, that is conducive to healthy emotional living.  For example, social events, working out, etc.
  • Remain accountable to self and my emotional needs.

Let’s free ourselves from the invisible prison of emotional bondage by reclaiming our rights to self-ownership. Self-ownership = A person who posses inner wealth and protects its equity. 

~Ms. Broadway Therapy, #the confessions of an introvert

Footnote: An emotional accomplice is a self-destructive emotional behavior a person engages in, for the purpose of diverting themselves from a difficult experience.  Often times an emotional accomplice engages in a this type of behavior subconsciously.  An emotional accomplice can also be an emotional accomplice to someone else (an emotional enabler). #Be Aware #Be Accountable

~Ms. BroadwayTherapy

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