Selma Epiphany

19 Jan

My thoughts after viewing the movie, “Selma” this past Saturday 1.17.15

“Their motivation was dignity.” – Selma

I am the product of two worlds…freedom and history. I have the privilege to view the world through two lens – diversity and a profound history….shaping my outlook on life.

I am blessed to live “in” the dream..a world where I am treated more as a human being and rather than by my race. I’m living the dream that MLK fought and died for, “dignity”. Although I appreciate the principles of diversity and humanity…I’m ultimately proud to be a descendant and successor of the African American race.

Our community should never get tired of repeating our history…that’s how it lives on and we find a piece of ourselves. Surfing through YouTube and watching the movements and speeches….watching the fearlessness and courage that our predecessors had should empower us to face our present circumstances like bills and upward mobility with humility – that if they can overcome “the fog of death” (Corretta Scott-King) everyday of their lives, then we can face each day that greet us with the same courage. #Live purposefully #Live appreciatively

I challenged myself to research my history further and become more current in political issues. Overcoming the struggle of convenience and leisure. Challenging myself to read the daily news more frequently rather than scrolling through Facebook following the lives of others. Participating in legal matters that affects my community, as well as taking part in the movement of progression for humanity.

In order for me to change my limited exposure. It must be a pursuit and not an option.

-Ms. Broadway Therapy

 Nobel peace prize – MLK speech – 1964


The march from Selma – 1965

#MLKDay 2015


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