#Don’t Hide Her!

08 Nov

# A Reflection on Liberation (for Women)


8:02 A.M.

Hey it’s me, just checking in on you like I do everyday….


7:54 A.M.

It’s another day, I see I have to give you the same talk like I do every morning.

You can try to ignore me, but I’ll follow you every block this reminder becomes your mantra.


  • MAC
  • Job title
  • Fears
  • Responsibilities
  • Relationships
  • Hardships
  • Insecurities
  • Past


The woman you are, and the person within.


8:05 P.M.

Let tomorrow be your debut!

When you walk into work,

don’t hide your education.

Don’t hide your talents to make others feel comfortable.

Be humbly bold!

Share your ideas.

Demonstrate your abilities.

Don’t do it for validation,

Do it because it’s in you.

Remember, non-utilized gifts only depreciate.

Stop with the excuses!

Stop buying into the notion that someone will abuse you gifts

Or steal your ideas! Don’t let them!

Take them to court if you need to.

Know when to fight for what’s yours,

And when to let your actions be counted as good deeds.


When you talk to your family and friends,

Confess your struggles.

You don’t have to do them alone.

God gave them to you and you to them to carry each other burdens.

Don’t let pride or shame imprison you.

Vulnerability can be a blessing.

Let it liberate you!

Tell your spouse you need him.

The comfort of his embrace, and not another round of sex.

Only you hold the treasure of your needs,

and the map to your dreams.

Give him the compass.

Let him support you!

Be patient with him.

Give him direction when he misses the mark.

He isn’t a mind reader,

But he can be your lover, listener, adviser, partner, and protector if you let him.

Wear spandex in the gym!

Sing out loud to your favorite song like no one is watching.

Get in your zone.

Close your eyes.

Envision the treadmill as your road to freedom.

Release your natural curls,

Let them stand out too!

Mix it up if you want to,

Whether it is curly or straight…

Embrace the versatility you’ve been blessed with.

I know certain hairstyles makes you look younger,

But that’s good problem to have! Enjoy it!


When someone ask you your age,


Your age is bound to offend others

Or compliment your character.

Recite your poems on stage.

Post your artwork on social media.

Promote your business.

Teach a dance class.

Let your creative being shine!

Share your wisdom.

Be God’s vessel.


Remove your poker face, and

Let transparency be your saving grace.

I know what happened to you led you into hiding.

But it’s time to come out of hiding now.

Despite what you may think,

Your obstacles made you more wiser and stronger than you were before.

Stop downplaying yourself!

It doesn’t make you humble,

It just makes you more miserable.

Harboring what you ought to share with the world,

Like your gifts and your love,

Only makes you a coward and an impostor.

Stop leading people to believe that you are someone you are not.

It only makes you a prisoner of a perception you’ve created.

Be strong enough to be transparent,

And speak your truths.

It will liberate you and someone else!

Running from your hurt does not make you internally safe.

It makes you a fugitive from healing, and a criminal of victimization.

Whatever you are aiding and abetting will surface.

Everyone will see it but you.

Be the first to confess it.

Give yourself up…you will find healing faster if you do.

Let go of the pain,

The regrets,

The disappointments,

The fears, and

The setbacks.

You have the power to release it.

“It” only gains the power you give it.

Torturing yourself with guilt is not redemption.

It is life imprisonment.

The worst kind of prison is an internal one.

Only you have the key.

Only you know that you’re doing time.


But My grace has paid for your bond.

Not with money, but with love.

My love heals.

Trust me.

Take a deep breath.

Loose  your shoulders.

Let your heartbeat echo.

Silent your fears.

And free her…

It will surprise you how much you will be received when you do.

 Love, Inner Voice (Jesus Christ)


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