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#The Bittersweets

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A new poem I performed last night at Bus Boys & Poets, 14th & V – 4.7.15

Inspired by the song, “Young Blood” by Birdy


Confessions of my soul is my therapy,

even when what I have to say is not pretty.

I fear of being typecast as someone who is always singing the blues,

rather than someone who is over flooded with unspeakable truths.

Telling a different story in the same tune.

Talking about my joys, my pain, and all the things that makes me true.

The latest tune I play on repeat,

are the blessings of bittersweets.

The ringing lyrics that penetrates my soul,

and connects to my burdens untold,

goes like this:

“The bittersweet in the between my teeth, 

trying find what is in between.”

This line captures my present melody.

Shining light on my internal war to birth out the passions that lie within me.

This tuggawar is like oxymoron’s!

Good pain, settle change, good anger –  a righteous indignation!

To not settle for less, but to push for the best!

Like never settling for the notion that as an older single woman,

I must hurry into a holy matrimony.

I rather set my sights on maximizing on my singlehood on the areas that count,

like becoming in tune with my life’s purpose, my flaws, and my God.

All of the qualities I need to posses before I am joined with a man before God.

Ridding myself of unnecessary emotional baggage,

before agreeing to a marriage.

I want to be whole,

before I tie my soul to another soul.

On the contrary,

waiting it not easy but it is necessary.

Another bittersweet that is stuck in between teeth,

is going through the eye of needle, seeking the purpose underneath.

Hoping that my career and calling will both collide sooner than later.

While waiting for the collision, I know this process is meant to make me better…and worketh patience.

Yielding to the principles of my Christian faith.

I acknowledge that trials of everyday are meant to build my character,

so I embrace the challenge.

I can’t deny that going through sucks, but my honesty keeps me sane.

Every void and every pain has given me a gain,

therefore I can’t complain.

Every bitter part of my life is meant to make it sweeter…

These are the bittersweet symphonies in between my teeth.


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