#Pep Talk

03 Feb

Everything will come to him who hustles while he waits – Thomas A. Edison

Never take a moment for granted. Waste no time! Time waits for no one nor does opportunities. Seize the moment. GET YOURSELF TOGETHER! Restart again…and again. Be diligent. Be indignant. Resist all odds. Incline your intuition to be led by GOD. Humble yourself. Seek wisdom and not an escape.
Cut off past regrets. Bury dead relationships. Attack yours fears. Confront your demons. Hold tight to your calling. Don’t let it go!  Let nothing or no one stop you from obtaining your destiny! And when you get there, don’t let no one turn you around.
You don’t have time for petty arguments. Nor time to waste being offended. Keep it movin! Be the mature one without being conceited. Find the reward in humility. Discover the strength that comes along with it too.
Release your resentment. Grit your teeth. Suck it up! Keep your eyes on the prize. Stay focus. Grind. Fight. Tackle each day with a driven mission.
Stand up for your beliefs. Lead a cause. Speak up! Reject negativity. Embrace blessings that are given to you freely…it’s meant to help you. Let people help you. Lay down your pride. Be transparent. Be authentic. Be open….to change.
Give love without expectation.  Guard your heart while leaving it open. Accept that everything is as it should be. Let go of things outside of your control. Release disappointments daily. Lessen the mental weight. Carry gratitude in your heart. Appreciating what you have, while letting go of everything you don’t. Acknowledge your accomplishments. You survived. Celebrate that! Let your freedom count for something. Don’t waste time on regrets. Spend your time figuring out what to do with the new advantages you’ve been given. Be strategic.
Realign your thoughts. Drink a bottle of forgiveness before you walk out the door. Get in your system. It’s a great way to start the day! Resign from self-pity. Apply self-validation. ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR GREATNESS. Your inner strengths. Your uniqueness.  Don’t disregard it. Use it. Give it away. Pass it on. The world is waiting on you.  Set the standard.
Face the day with your eyes wide open. Anticipating challenges. Work through them. Learn from them. Don’t discredit your experiences. They mean something. It molds you, changes you, and builds your character.  The lessons you are learning or have learned from, are not only for your personal development, but for you to share with others. Be the example.
Take a deep breath. Remain calm. Be patient. Pick up the pace!  Pay attention. Be self-aware.  Receive every good thing that crosses your path (it’s your life line), while letting go of everything that maybe holding you down. Let each decision be guided by wisdom.
Above all else BE INTENTIONAL.
– Ms. Broadway Therapy

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