Calming Chaos

12 Jun

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How do you calm (internal) chaos?

Stressing not to be stressed. Mad as hell but fighting not to be bitter. Victimized but hate feeling like a victim. Struggling to remind yourself that it could be worse.  Trying to keep it all together, but life just keeps on eroding!

To be frank, life has been overwhelming.  Too many things happening at once. To add insult to injury…people look at your life and think, “it ain’t that bad!” but secretly you know it is.  One thing after another. It’s the blues of adulthood…single-hood..marriage…and just plain ole life!

Only  you or a few people completely understands the magnitude of the your personal struggles.  Even your support system have their limit because they have their own lives too (understandably so).

No matter what, the last push…has to be made by you. Unfortunately but fortunately (in hindsight). No matter how unbearable it gets…dig deep!  Rely on your faith. Let your faith build in the areas of your life where it maybe lacking.

The moment you accept the tide of change that is happening in your life…the flood of problems you’re experiencing will begin to settle down because you’ve decided to “float through it.” Acceptance is like a life jacket, even though you don’t know where it will lead you…you trust that it will keep you afloat in the right direction.

Life will erode in our lives from time to time. Life erosion transforms our present habits and way of thinking (hopefully for the better).

We’ve reach a point in our lives where God believes we’re ready for change because we’ve out grown our current limitations. It may not make sense now, but it will make sense later, I promise. Just keep “floating”! (a.k.a trusting, coping, pushing, and living). 


New Poem by Ms. Broadway Therapy

Centering Myself 

In order to center yourself, you have to draw from within. Now, the question is…what do you have stored within you to pull from? Is it faith? Is it something of substance? Is it is a reliable source?

For me, my faith is what anchors me and reshapes my perceptions about my circumstances.  It may sound real deep! (Lol)…but really…it’s simple. We only make life more complex when we resist what we don’t understand or reject God’s process for our lives.

I’m guilty of rejecting God’s advice from time to time, which exposes my lack of trust in Him. There are times when I feel that God has abandoned me or have allowed horrible things to happen, which I’ve resented Him for. As a result, I become spiritually independent. Opening myself up to whatever energy that feels true, sensible, and comforting at the time.  Although these experiences sustain me for awhile…they don’t bring healing to my life nor teach me anything of substance.

Often times I find “substance”or purpose through hardships. Like cracking open a coconut to draw out fresh juice…is the analogy that I think of  to describe it.  Each hardship I’ve experienced has cracked me open and have drawn out something of substance – courage, determination, esteem, faith etc.  My primary substance in life is my faith, which nurtures my soul (a.k.a. my mind, will, and emotions).

I’ve found reassurance in the very thing that has disappointed me in the past – my faith. Several times I have expressed to God my frustrations towards Him about a situation. My faith in Him enables me to still wait for an answer. When the answer doesn’t come, I began to search deeper within. Exploring what I can learn from it all, which leads me to personal growth.

Even in my ignorance, God has gotten me through dark times.  I usually don’t give God credit until long after the hardship is over of course (lol).  Some hardships are still a mystery, and I wonder “why did it have to happen that way?” However, one thing I cannot deny is that I am still here…because God surrounded me with relationships and situations to help me to keep pushing.

My faith centers me. What centers you?

-Ms. Broadway Therapy



Don’t despise the process.

 Everything that is happening in your life is happening because you are ready to transition into something different. Let it happen.

Life Quote:

“A butterfly feels the most unbearable pressure right before it breaks out of the cocoon. Not while it’s transitioning from a caterpillar to butterfly, but when it has outgrown it’s shape in a space that no longer can hold it’s capacity.” – paraphrased by TD Jakes


2 Corinthians 4: 8-9 “Pressure on Every Side”

We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.

Hebrews 11:1 “Faith Is”

11 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


Music for Calming Internal Choas & Centering Oneself



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